Gig Wage Wrapped: Cool Gig Companies of 2020

As 2020 begins to wrap up, we wanted to highlight some cool gig companies. Not only have these companies revolutionized their industries, but they have also been helping their customers stay safe through a global pandemic. Check out a few of these cool gigs of this year.


Forget to pick up medications? Need a sweet late-night snack? No matter what you are craving or need, goPuff can deliver it to you. Delivering to over 500 cities across the U.S., goPuff has been able to get their customers everything they need safely and efficiently. While following CDC recommendations, goPuff drivers are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to ensure their customers get what they need when they need it. There are no limits to what goPuff can deliver; from pet supplies to medications, goPuff keeps people safe while providing their essentials.

To get your essentials delivered to you in minutes, visit the goPuff website or download the goPuff app on the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.


Rover has been taking care of pets since 2011, everything from doggy daycare to house sitting. Rover is the one-stop-shop for animal owners who need a little extra help. With more and more professionals working from home, getting animals exercise is a little harder than more, but Rover is here to help. They have created a guide on how to keep pets healthy, in addition to continuing their services following all CDC recommendations to ensure your pets are taken care of usually.

Check out Rover to help with animal care, or check out their resource guide for animals and Covid-19. You can also download the Rover app on the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.


Since 2016, Cameo has created a marketplace where fans can book their favorite celebrities, sports players, and other well-known individuals to give a personalized shout out. They have created a fully immersive fan experience, where fans can now engage with their favorite “celebrities” authentically. With a global pandemic restricting family and friends from gathering to celebrate holidays or birthdays, Cameo has created a fun-innovative platform where fans can get each shout out videos as gifts. These personalized shout outs are great fun for the fans and keep the Cameo engaging with their fans since they cannot see them in stadiums, concert venues, or even at the North Pole.

For some holiday shout outs, book your favorite talents on the Cameo website or download their app on the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.


Dolly has continually been re-imagining the way moving, and delivery should work. Whether you’re looking to have your new piece of furniture delivered or need help moving into your next home, Dolly connects you with local truck owners to get your job done quickly and easily. Not only is it a hassle-free moving and delivery service, but Dolly will also reward you for helping people. Use your truck, trailer, van, or even just your muscles to become a Dolly Helper and get paid working whenever you choose to.

The next time you’re faced with expensive moving and delivery costs, check out Dolly and their same-day delivery offer.


With more employees working remotely this year, many of us have had one too many battles with our technology. While our home offices don’t have the same access to technical support, HelloTech is the leading, on-demand technology support service that’s available 24/7, in-home and via remote online support. They offer services such as diagnostic solutions, support, installations, and hands-on training for all your technology needs, including computers and printers, smart home devices, home theater and audio, Wi-Fi, and so much more. And to all our tech-savvy gig workers, you can become a technician and earn up to $90/hr right from your home.

Check out HelloTech to get personal technical support for all your technological needs whilst maintaining social distancing.


Although dining in at a restaurant now isn’t what it used to be, ChefsFeed is quickly changing how we experience and interact with our food. ChefsFeed is a media company that provides dining and drinking guides, recipes, inspirational content, and unique experiences directly from experts. For those with a passion for food, you can become a part of ChefsFeed’s expert community, where you’ll be connected to new diners and competitive brand opportunities. This unique gig platform allows culinary professionals and the world’s best brands to discover innovative ways to work together online and in real life.

Whether you’re applying to be a part of their expert community or are looking to discover your next authentic dining experience, check out what ChefsFeed has to offer here.

We love showcasing gig companies like goPuff, Rover, Cameo, Dolly, HelloTech, and ChefsFeed and the opportunities they can provide in the gig economy. These gig companies have been able to get contractors gigs throughout this past year while keeping their customers safe. We’re excited to see what they all have in store for 2021.

Written by

Erin Lee