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Easy 1099s! Pay, manage and support your independent contractors.

Hello. If you’ve found your way here, you’ve probably been to our website in search of the best way to pay your independent contractors. You may also be wondering why we haven’t provided more information on our actual site? The answer is: We will. We are just currently hyper focused on developing software that makes handling independent contractors easy and inexpensive.

Below you will find the additional info you are looking for.


  1. You sign your business up and create a business account with our easy onboarding.

  2. Start paying contractors! Simply enter their email and how much you’d like to pay them and they receive an invite to set up their account and be paid.

  3. The independent contractors onboard themselves and accept payment via direct deposit. That’s it, easy as 1,2,3.


We currently provide payment, tracking, messaging and notifications. Next we are adding 1099 form management and compliance as well as accounting integrations. (Quickbooks & Xero)


The business will pay a $10 monthly fee plus $1 per direct deposit when we roll out version 2 shortly. (Current pricing is 3% of each payment with a $10 cap)

  • Pay 1099 contractors

  • Reporting & Receipts

  • Direct deposit

  • Self Service

  • Online accounts for your business & your team

  • Federal Form 1099-MISC automatically filed*

  • Online W9s*

  • More exciting features to come

*Not available today.

Thanks for considering Gig Wage to make 1099s easy.

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