5 Women-Led Start-Ups On The Rise


As of 2021, 16.6% of entrepreneurs are women. However, only 2.3% of Venture Capital funding went to women-led startups last year.

Despite the odds, more and more Women founders, leaders, and innovators are breaking glass ceilings and making impacts in their communities, industries, and beyond. To help us kick off Women's History Month, check out these 5 Women-Led  Start-Ups On The Rise:


Zidisha - Julia Kurnia 

Julia Kurnia is the founder of Zidisha, a platform that uses a “Pay It Forward" program that allows people to lend small amounts of money directly to entrepreneurs in developing countries. They are the first peer-to-peer micro-lending service to link borrowers and lenders across international borders without a local micro-finance institution intermediary.


Cake - Suelin Chen

Suelin Chen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cake, the first company to use AI and NLP technology at scale to improve the user experience with advance care and end-of-life planning. They provide an application to help people discover, store, and share their end-of-life preferences. Cake also has a business line building custom advance care and end-of-life planning solutions for health systems, health plans, insurance companies, and banks, including one of the largest health systems in the US.


Expectful - Nathalie Walton

Nathalie Walton is the founder of Expectful, a subscription-based meditation and sleep program that helps promote empowerment, and holistic care for new, and expecting parents. The NYC startup puts an emphasis on reducing anxiety and building a community to tackle the wellbeing crisis of 2020. The platform offers affordable, accessible, and enjoyable maternal wellness support to every mom and mom-to-be.


Blavity - Morgan DeBaun

Morgan DeBaun is the founder and CEO of Blavity, a diversified digital media company that builds platforms to inform, entertain and engage communities of color. Their goal was to enable black millennials to tell their own stories. Today, they are home to the largest network of platforms and lifestyle brands serving the multifaceted lives of Black millennials & Gen-Z through original content, video, and unique experiences.


Staat - Amanda Sabreah

Amanda Sabreah is taking the world by storm as the Founder and CEO of Staat, a sync tool that helps combine data for at-a-glance views to see how work is moving from one place. This makes it simple to build personal tools on top of bloated and busy collaboration tools. Their tool allows users to create, remix, and take action on existing tools to personalize how they see across and take action of existing tools, speed up your workflow, and do more with less.

Happy Women's History Month and thank you to all the incredible women that are innovating and paving the way for future generations.

Written by

Gig Wage