Gig Wage Heads West

We can’t believe it’s June. SUMMER is here. Probably because May was beyond busy for Gig Wage. We pride ourselves on working with brands and on partnerships that allow us to provide world-class products and services to our customers, and that is what May was all about. Our team and CEO, Craig J. Lewis, headed to the West Coast to meet with experts of some of the largest companies and organizations in the world to discuss all things gig economy. Months like this are what give Gig Wage our edge. We exchanged ideas with industry leaders and elevate our game for the people that matter most: contractors and the companies who pay them.

Our first stop was in Redmond, Washington —Microsoft Headquarters.
Our CEO was invited to visit Microsoft’s corporate offices to meet with their executives who are laser-focused on engaging and supporting 1099 workers. During his trip, he had the pleasure of stopping by the studio of Paul Estes. Paul is the foremost expert on the gig economy for Microsoft and recently launched the “Gig Mindset,” a podcast focused on the innovative nature of the gig economy. They discussed how technology should meet the needs of the workforce of the future and how Gig Wage will play a big part in this transformation. Stay tuned, as we will share this episode as soon as it airs. Lastly, we met up with Microsoft for Startups, which helps support startups and their technological needs. We discussed many ways that Gig Wage and Microsoft can work together in the future so that more contractors can benefit from our technology products.

After visiting Microsoft, Craig J. Lewis traveled to Long Beach, California to speak at the American Payroll Association’s annual conference, Congress. He sat on a panel with Jason Lee, Cofounder and CEO of Daily Pay, and Chris Ruppel, General Manager of Wage and Corporate Disbursements at Green Dot Corporation. The topic was on-demand payments and the importance of quick payments for both W-2 and 1099 employees. We LOVE opportunities like this. The opportunity to share our innovative payment solution with a very traditional payroll organization. Proof that everyone agrees where payroll and the workforce of the future are headed.

Our last stop brought us to the mecca of technology and innovation, San Francisco. Finally, We attended the Marketplace Risk Conference. We spoke about “The Future of Work 2.0” and a “Layered Approach to Fraud Prevention.” This conference was spectacular because Gig Wage was able to connect with thousands of like-minded individuals who are focused on the issues surrounding the gig economy. We are proud to have our CEO sit on the Advisory Board and interact with gig economy experts from Uber, DoorDash, Airbnb,, and more.

You might be exhausted just reading about our May, but we’re not. We are inspired. We’re even more committed to helping you pay, manage and support your contractors. Now, we have some very important friends to help us do just that.

Written by

Lucy Hart