Gig Wage Partners With Techstars & Western Union

Gig Wage recently decided to join forces with Techstars and Western Union. Techstars has worked with over 2,000 technology startups since 2006, helping innovative startups amplify their impact through a global network. Western Union (NYSE: WU) is a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement that continues to innovate as it has throughout its 169-year history. We’re looking forward to collaborating to reimagine contractor compensation.

Gig Wage is participating in an intensive 13-week virtual program during which we will focus on growing and evolving our company with access to world-class entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and fintech subject matter experts in a range of areas, including compliance, mobile wallets, cross border payments, settlements and more.

Tyler McPherson-Wiman, Western Union’s Head of Strategy and Innovation commented,

The Techstars and Western Union Accelerator is a core element of our innovation program, designed to find early-stage companies with passion and a commitment to innovating in the financial service solutions and payments markets. In the short time that we have seen Gig Wage as part of the program, their team has shown the passion and commitment needed to breakthrough. Given the changes in the market for gig workers brought on by the pandemic, their solution to make paying gig workers more efficiently is more relevant than ever.”

Craig J. Lewis said, “We are very excited for Gig Wage to participate in the Techstars and Western Union Accelerator. Accelerators have never really been my thing, however, the global network of Techstars and the opportunity to work with Western Union to expand our services internationally makes sense. Both organizations are focused on diversity, inclusion, and FinTech, so it’s just a great all-around fit for the Gig Wage brand.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a huge emphasis on virtual connection so we get to work with Western Union executives throughout the world and leverage the entire Techstars global network as we build a true financial hub and social safety net for the modern workforce. We are ecstatic about this opportunity and have already started focusing on building a more equitable and global gig economy with Techstars & Western Union.

Written by

Erin Lee