Gig Wage’s Innovative 1099 Filing Service

2020 is poised to be a great year for the gig economy. Happy New Year.

It’s January, and if you’ve been a part of the gig economy for even a little while, then you know what that means — tax season. 1099 tax season can often be stressful and confusing, both for businesses and contractors. Many companies that pay contractors don’t cater to the complexities of 1099 taxes, causing many issues in the process. This year, we have released a new product that is innovative, exciting, and will simplify your tax season.

Gig Wage is changing the 1099 taxes game for businesses that pay contractors. We are making taxes simple with our new electronic 1099 filing service. We designed this product with both contractors and businesses in mind with the goal of reducing stress for them. Our electronic 1099 filing service is something that hasn’t been done before and we believe it is a key differentiator in making the future of work more accessible for all.

Businesses can easily review and file their contractor’s 1099s with the IRS right from their Gig Wage dashboard. All the necessary information to complete their contractors’ 1099s will auto-populate. Once they have submitted to the IRS, contractors will have instant access to their 1099s in their Gig Wage account, making it simple for them to pay their taxes and continue freelancing.

Using Gig Wage to file your 1099s makes your tax season easy, with several benefits:

  • IRS compliant 1099 forms

  • Gig Wage auto-populates contractor information

  • Include payments made outside of Gig Wage

  • File 1099s for contractors not paid through Gig Wage

  • Electronic delivery and storage of 1099s

  • Contractors get instant access to their 1099s

  • $5 per 1099 form

Gig Wage will continue to innovate and adapt to your needs to make your life easier and more efficient. We are very proud to announce this product and look forward to hearing about all the amazing work our customers will do in 2020.

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Written by

Lucy Hart