Gig Wage’s New Product Design

Notice anything different about us? We’ve got a little more pep in our step as we’ve launched a brand new product design. Since this marks the debut of our new design, we wanted to give you a peek into the how and why behind our effort.

We launched Gig Wage in the Summer of 2017. Our goal was to make it astoundingly fast and easy for a small business to pay a contractor. We did it. The next 6 months were spent listening to our customers and getting even better at doing just that.

Our focus was the technical and operational excellence critical in moving money quickly, predictably and securely. Once we had money movement, on-boarding, 3k+ banking integrations, and communication to a solid place, we continued listening to our customers and paid close attention to the type of product experience they wanted.

“We really engaged with our customers to figure out how our product could help improve their business beyond just paying contractors.” ~Jarrod Ausborne, Chief Design Officer

We started to see more than just small businesses signing up. Our customer base diversified. We saw larger companies paying more contractors more frequently. We saw tech companies needing automation. We saw on-demand Gig Economy companies paying with much more frequency and velocity. We knew we needed to design a more flexible and robust user experience to serve an increasingly diverse and growing customer base.

Say goodbye to the old product design

The design elements we’ve been using to date were built for a different time in our life cycle. During our private beta, we paid little attention to the quality of our product design. 18 months later, we are shifting to an experience-first culture that better serves our mission and where we are headed.

“We’ve redesigned the product and now it’s time to experiment, innovate and grow.” ~Anna Enns, Product Manager

Here’s a sneak peek:

View and Manage Contractors
You spoke and we listened! Now you have the ability to view a list of your contractors. You can search for a specific contractor. See a contractor’s contact information as well as their payment history.

Recent Payment Activity
Now all your payment activity lives within a single list with the ability to filter the status of your payments

A New Way To Pay Contractors
We have revamped how you pay your contractors by making your payment options a little more prominent and adding a more intuitive payment modal.

Where we’re headed

The product is just a first step in a much larger effort to improve our brand and our customer’s experience. Going forward, you can expect to see more…

  • Updates and improvements to our product as we continue to listen to our growing customer base. Please look for updates in our in product change-log.

  • In product design and improved communication for business customers and contractors.

  • Language translation.

  • The release of our API for developers.

We’re excited to debut this new design and hope you LOVE it too. Your feedback, questions, and ideas are all very welcomed.

Special shout out to everyone on the Gig Wage product team, our fantastic customers, and amazing investors.

Ad Astra.

Written by

Craig J. Lewis

Founder | CEO GigWage I'm the Founder and Chief Entrepreneur Officer of Gig Wage, a tech startup, that builds modern payroll, payments and banking tools for the future of work. Pay your independent contractors in seconds. We designed payroll that meets the demand of your on-demand workforce. Simple. Fast. Easy.