MANCODE Atlanta: Gig Wage Inspires the next Tech Leaders

Inspiring the next generation of creative thinkers and leaders in tech is incredibly important to us at Gig Wage, we believe that we can help shape the future of work through the work we do in the community. We love any opportunity to give back and teach others the lessons we have learned. We believe that by investing in the next generation of tech leaders, we are investing in the future of work and the future of the tech industry. Our Founder and CEO, Craig J. Lewis, recently took a trip to Atlanta invest in the future leaders of tech.

During his trip to Atlanta, Craig J. Lewis spoke to hundreds of underprivileged boys at ManCode, an initiative by Microsoft that is designed to pique the interest of minority males in the technology industry. Craig J. Lewis used this event as an opportunity to remind these students what technology can help them achieve: “you can build companies around everything you are learning today, and when you build companies you build wealth and you build legacy.”

This program is unique because it specifically works with young minority males, a group that represents only 2.2% of technology professionals. The program is meant to inspire this group and remind them of the many opportunities that tech can provide ManCode provides opportunities for these young men to attend classes and learn about coding, web design, game design, app development, building LinkedIn profiles, and more.

ManCode Atlanta had a special guest, rapper T.I. spoke on the ManCode stage to youth about the opportunities that lie ahead for them in tech. T.I. told the audience: “expect to be doubted, expect to have doors closed in your face, expect it to be difficult, and expect to work hard. Don’t look up and wait for the success.” T.I.’s message served to remind this group that success doesn’t come with ease and to keep persisting.

We are PROUD to be a part of such an incredible initiative that is working to inspire the future tech leaders. We love opportunities like this to work with other like minded individuals, meet new people, and create real change. We look forward to the future with ManCode.

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Written by

Lucy Hart