New Product Announcement: Gig Wage Income Report

Gig Wage is proud to announce one of our latest product features, built with our customers in mind. We are now offering a Proof of Income Report, making it easy and simple for contractors paid through Gig Wage to provide proof of income to necessary parties in order to do things like rent a car or obtain a loan. Often times, contractors paid through other sites or apps struggle to prove their income to various entities due to a number of reasons. Proving your income is a pain point many contractors face and can even be a deterrent for those doing contract work, because most companies cannot clearly or easily tell them their income. Businesses also face difficulties in proving income their contractors income for tax purposes, most payment services don’t provide them with a way to easily calculate this.

This is why Gig Wage created a feature to solve this problem by providing our customers with an easily downloadable, customizable Proof of Income Report. Being able to provide our customers with proof of income is incredibly important to us because this means we can help them achieve their dreams of homeownership, buying a car, obtaining a loan, and more — all while working flexibly as a contractor in the gig economy. We are making the future of work attainable for all.

If you are a contractor needing to prove your income, follow these simple instructions to download the Gig Wage Proof of Income Report:

1. First, log in to your contractor portal at

2. From the Payments table on the dashboard, filter your payment history by the date range you would like to include in the report.

3. A number of preset options are available, or you can choose "Custom Range" to set your own start and end date for the report.

4. Once you've set your date range, click the "Download Payment Report" link at the top right of the table.

5. This will generate a PDF that looks like this:

6. You can then save this PDF to your computer and use it when you need.

We want to make life as easy as possible for our contractors and businesses, which is why we are constantly looking to make innovations to our product that makes YOUR life simpler. Proving your income can be a deterrent to freelancing for many, so we have eliminated this hurdle for you so that you can continue shaping the future of YOUR work with Gig Wage.

Written by

Lucy Hart